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Spider Clock Freaks You Out Before Bedtime

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Published on - 09-Sep-2015 08:56 am

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From the category of "Things to never buy me," comes a high-end clock shaped like a spider. Appropriately named Arachnophobia, this eight-legged device comes from Geneva, Switzerland-based Maximilian Büsser, founder of MB&F, a renowned maker of timepieces.

Büsser worked with LEpee 1839 to create a clock with a spider’s torso and head. Displayed on a nightstand next to the bed, a standing spider’s diameter is about 8 inches — enough to startle the owner in a fit of wide-eyed wakefulness just as they slip into that dreamy state of not-remembering-they-bought-a-spider-clock.

Splayed on a wall, the leg extend to 16 inches, which if you have the heart, is a great way to shock your dinner guests.

"Susie, can you go into the kitchen and tell me what time it is?"

Sure, it’s a quarter past heart attack.

Like all fine timepieces, Arachnophobia needs to be wound and the key to do so is found under the device’s body. According to Gizmag, Büsser placed it there to force the user to handle the spider and develop a relationship with it.

With a power reserve that lasts eight days, users will be fondling their spider clock a little more than once per week.

Thankfully, this gorgeous little number is out my price range and out of the range of anyone in my extended friend circle who might want to gift it to me.

Arachnophonia is starts at US $15,700 and a gold-plated version is US $18,000.

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