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Opera Mini for Android updated with new and improved web-page compression feature

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Published on - 09-Sep-2015 05:55 am

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While Google Chrome is the standard Android browser, offerings like Opera Mini have long been fan favorites. The makers of this popular browser have now introduced a couple of new features that will significantly improve your browsing experience thanks to the new data compression technology.

The developers are now offering two kinds of data compression with Opera Mini - High and Extreme. The latter is used to eke out the bare minimum from a web page, which is ideally suited for slow internet connections or if you're simply looking to conserve your mobile or WiFi data.

High compression lets you get decent performance from web pages, without eating up too much of the data. This can be used where there's decent internet coverage. In either situations, you won't be using too much of your data with Opera Mini, but it's always good for the customers to have an option.

The feature should be built into the browser with the next update, so make sure you keep an eye out on the Google Play Store or head over there manually to install the new Opera Mini.

"Opera Mini has for a decade helped hundred of millions of users across the globe to access their favourite content on the internet no matter which mobile phone they had or how slow their data connection was. With the rise of better smartphones and better network conditions our users now want the option to have a less aggressive data compression mode so they can experience the full internet when network conditions allow for it," said Christian Uribe, Product Manager of Opera Mini at Opera Software.

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