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Benefits of Yogurt (Curd)

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Published on - 24-Jul-2015 11:26 pm

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Yogurt is a excellent source of protein,calcium and potassium.Some research shows that yogurt with probiotic cultures may help immune system;reduce yeast infections in women;help in digestion; and reduce colon and other cancer risks.

Some of the other amazing benefits of Yogurt:

Treats insomnia
Supplies essential nutrients
Boosts the immune system
Prevents urinary tracts infections
Relief for indigestion and diarrhea
Great use in jaundice and hepatitis
Improves mental capacity
Reduces bad cholesterol
Prevents osteoporosis.

It helps in boosting of immune system and strengthens bones and teeth.It alos helps in cleanse and nourish skin.
br> So its advisable to take yogurt everyday to improve health and beauty.....

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