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The World in 2025

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Published on - 22-Jul-2015 11:26 pm

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Digital Tech Dominates

Everything from cars to appliances to individual personal items will be digitally connected in 2025, due to cascading innovations in semiconductors, graphene-carbon nanotube capacitors and wireless 5G technology.

Electric Vehicles Take Off

Batteries will store much more energy in 2025 and recharge 10 times faster, resulting in viable electric vehicle fleets both on the ground and in the air. Small-scale commercial aircraft, powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries, will be the preferred option for short-hop flights

DNA Mapping Evolves

In 2025, advancements in nanotechnology, big data and cellular analysis will allow for DNA mapping at birth, as a way to manage disease risk. Blood tests will be replaced with nano-probes that are painlessly injected into the body to gather data.

Cancer Treatments Improve

The adverse effects of toxic chemicals used to treat cancer will be reduced, thanks to better understanding of antibodies and the mechanisms of protein bonding. Improved knowledge of specific gene mutations will also lead to better treatment options of particular afflictions like melanoma and lung cancer.

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