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LED Bulb Emulates the Shifting Spectrum of Sunlight

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Published on - 25-Jul-2015 11:26 pm

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Start-up Saffron has turned to internal circadian rhythm, or humansÂ’ physical, mental and behavioral changes over 24 hours in response to light and darkness, for inspiration. The bulb allegedly improves performance and sleep patterns by syncing usersÂ’ internal clock to the sunÂ’s shifting color spectrum.

The bulb provides the right kind of light for each time of day, Gizmag explains.

Two banks of LEDs inside the bulb -- one that contains cool colors and another containing warm colors -- mix to strike the right balance.

To set up the Silk bulb, users can plug in a bridge circuit and set up Wi-Fi details to allow the system to sync with local sun movement. The Silk Light app, available on iOS and Android, gives users the ability to create zone-based schedules and switch lighting based on specific situations, such as a dinner party.

The light bulb also provides potential benefits to those affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The Silk light is currently available through a Kickstarter campaign. A pack of three Silk bulbs, with one Silk bridge, costs $99, with a delivery date slated for January 2016.

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