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Sloot Digital Coding System (The Lost Invention)

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Published on - 26-Jul-2015 11:26 pm

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Here's a very modern lost invention, but one that fascinates data storage experts to this day. In the late 1990s, a Dutch electronics technician named Romke Jan Berhnard Sloot announced the development of the Sloot Digital Coding System, a revolutionary advance in data transmission that, he claimed, could reduce a feature-length movie down to a filesize of just 8KB. The decoding algorithm was 370MB, and apparently Sloot demonstrated this to Philips execs, dazzling them by playing 16 movies at the same time from a 64KB chip. After getting a bunch of investors, he mysteriously died on September 11, 1999, two days before he was scheduled to hand over the source code.

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