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Nokia Unveiled "OZO" - Nokia still in on the technology game - A VR camera with 360-degrees recording capability

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Published on - 06-Aug-2015 04:04 pm

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At a media event this week, Nokia unveiled Ozo, a spherical camera designed to capture audio and video in 360 degrees. Meant for filmmakers in the movie, media, and advertising industry.The Nokia OZO is designed for professional content creators, and is only the beginning of a set of new gadgets coming from Nokia Technologies.

The Nokia OZO VR camera has a spherical design that is covered with eight synchronized camera sensors capturing 3D video in a span of 360-degrees. Not only does it capture 360-degrees of playback, but Nokia claims it is able to stitch together the eight different feeds in a matter of minutes, the first of its kind.

The visual is not the only thing that is captured in a 360-degree range, as the Nokia OZO also has three microphones, and is able to detect where a specific noise or sound is coming from.

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