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Google And Sri Lanka Collaborate a balloon project to provide internet access to every corner of country

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Published on - 09-Aug-2015 04:55 pm

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Google and Sri Lanka announced a Collaboration to bring high-speed Internet access to every corner of the 25,332 square-mile country.With 2.8 million mobile Internet connections and 606,000 fixed line Internet subscribers, Sri Lanka will become the first country to give universal access to its people via Google Loon.

The balloon network, expected to go up in March of 2016, will float about 12.4 miles above Earth. Each balloon is equipped with solar panels to power communications gear that transmits LTE Internet signals.

The signals beamed to Earth from each balloon will cover a 25-mile-diameter area.

"The entire Sri Lankan island — every village from (southern) Dondra to (northern) Point Pedro – will be covered with affordable high-speed Internet using Google Loon’s balloon technology".

This ambitious high-tech project is not Sri Lanka’s first. The island nation, home to more than 20 million people, was the first country in South Asia to introduce mobile phones (1989), the first to offer a 3G network (2004) and the first to advance to 4G (2013).

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