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LG Made A Full-Size Keyboard For Mobiles That Folds Into A Stick To Fit In Your Bag

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Published on - 27-Aug-2015 08:34 pm

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If you ever wanted to stuff a full-size keyboard inside your (big) pockets or bag, then LGÂ’s got your back with its newest product.

ThatÂ’s right, the Korean company has just unveiled a full-sized QWERTY keyboard for smartphones and tablets that rolls up into a stick for storage and portability.

‘Rolly Keyboard’ — yup, that’s the name LG that has given it — is a little smaller than a regular size keyboard; each key is 17mm, as opposed to the standard 18mm. Powered by a single AAA battery, it uses Bluetooth to connect with a device. LG claims it can last for around three months before running out of juice.

The keyboard, which is made from “durable” polycarbonate and ABS plastic, will be unveiled at the IFA Electronics event in Berlin next week, alongside the G Pad II tablet. LG isn’t revealing the cost for now, but it said that the gizmo will go on sale in the U.S. in September, before making its way to other parts of the world during the final quarter of this year.

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