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Microbot Pushes Your Buttons

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Published on - 29-Aug-2015 03:54 pm

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You really hate to have your buttons pushed, don't you? Well, you're going to love this. A Korean company called Naran is developing the Microbot Push, a stick-on robotic "finger" of sorts that can be controlled remotely to press buttons and switches for you when you’re not around. Users will be able to control it with an app over Bluetooth, regardless of whether they’re upstairs or vacationing overseas.

The device consists of a pair of miniature boxes: a push body and the Micro-USB-charged battery pack. According to Naran, each microbot can apply 2.2 pounds of force, enough to initiate the push of any button.

The concept is pretty simple: Stick the microbot (using basic foam tape) where you need a button pushed, and then Bluetooth can kick in to control the wireless "fingers" remotely, either by having users push a virtual button on a smartphone or by programming an app to send a command for the microbot to push a button at a scheduled time.

Naran is also working to develop an ARM-powered server called Prota that will automate the Microbots. This will allow users to submit if-this-then-that requests to the microbots. Think: If microbot No. 1 turns the lights on, then microbot No. 2 should turn the coffee maker on — sending a small clan of microbots into a choreographed routine each day.

A price or launch date has yet to be announced. However, we do know that this could be the beginning of a microbot revolution, with the developers also working on microbots that can turn knobs and others than can read fingerprints.

Maybe someday, we’ll have a microbot to let the dog out when we’re not home, or open the door for the housekeeper after her fingerprint is read. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

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